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Crestwood, New York  10707
Phone and fax:  914-793-0036
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                      Janet Speight
Welcome to our 2016 Season.  We are excited about
all the new items we added to the shop, and hope
you find this site helpful. We are presently updating
the pictures as they become available but there are
so many dresses and accessories availab
le in the
shop than we could
never picture them all.
So please make an appointment to stop by.
Each child is given a one-hour appointment
with our knowledgeable staff.
Thistles 'n Things had its beginning as a home
based silk & dried flower shop in 1980 and then
went on to design fresh flower arrangements for
over 500 weddings.  Flowers and all that is
needed for beautiful celebrations  have been at
the heart of our business ever since.
I taught floral design at Iona College and created
commercial floral displays for clients such as the
NY Giants, General Foods and Ethan Allan.
We have evolved over the years into a  Children's Special Occasion Shop carrying
clothing, dress shoes,
and new this year - school shoes.  We have sizes from infant to boy's
0 husky and girl's 16 Plus.  We have bouquets, flowers, invitations, favors and more for
every child's  special celebration
... Specializing in Christening, Communion and Flower girls.
We  focus special attention on First Communion, Christening, and Flower girls
We have been making things simple for over 35 years by providing  a
"One-Stop-Shop" convenience for your child's event with one-on-one attention, in a
comfortable home environment that no one else offers.
We work closely with over 60 schools and stock everything those schools
Many items are hand-made exclusively by us.
We keep a Dress Register for each dress we sell.  This covers the tri-state area and
beyond,  so that we will not duplicate your little girl's dress at her ceremony.  Our
extensive selection makes that easy to do.
Don't let our home atmosphere fool you -
we stock more dresses and suits, in more sizes,
than any of the big department stores.